A Sustainable Dhampur

We believe in an environment-social-governance (ESG) model that represents the heart of our business. In this model, the products draw on agricultural resources while the business generates byproducts that could affect the Earth’s integrity.

The consumption of environmentally responsible resources; building social responsibility through people, cultural and vendor relationships and strategic clarity in the governance of the business model provides a platform for secure, scalable and sustainable long-term growth.

    Our environmental approach has been woven around minimising our carbon footprint.

    Product Selection

    We focus on sugar, ethanol and co-generated power for the benefit of societal consumption.

    Strengthening Internal Controls

    We are increasingly driven by processes, systems, audits and compliances.

    Reducing Environmental Impact

    There is a commitment to reduce energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions while using cleaner processes/fuels.

    Proactive Investments

    We have made proactive investments in infrastructure, equipment, people and practises to enhance environmental responsibility.

    At Dhampur, business transformation has been accelerated by a team mix, marked by passion, youthfulness, knowledge and experience.


    Investment in a culture of business excellence has helped us achieve continuous cost management.

    Customers and Vendors

    We have deepened relations with vendors providing capital equipment and spares with primary customers.


    Our circle of prosperity has only widened by engaging with communities in manufacturing locations.

    At Dhampur, our governance platform comprises clarity on the way we intend to do business.

    Synergic Focus

    At Dhampur, our core competence represents an insurance againsts cyclicality.


    This is the underlying element making customers buy, employees engage and vendors sell to us.

    Long-term Orientation

    We have invested patiently in assets, technologies, people, locations, products and trade partners.

    Monitored Growth

    We believe that sustainability is best derived from controlled growth as opposed to one-off profitability spikes.

    Our Sustainability Initiatives

    As external realities have become challenging and stronger governance the operative mantra, we strive to carry forward on a journey of business excellence that will help connect the broadest ends of our business with the smallest activities, transforming it from ground-level upwards. 

    The TPM

    Over the last 3 years, we incorporated TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), a comprehensive tool to enhance efficiencies across every business aspect (raw material, equipment, employees, safety, and quality).

    1. TPM helps strengthen the Kaizen culture in our business, resulting in notable improvements across the organization.
    2. Employees are encouraged to ideate, analyze the root of all problems and provide out-of-the-box solutions, enhancing overall human productivity.
    3. We introduced a governance group to ensure compliance with pre-defined job roles and responsibilities for each individual.
    4. Our weekly TPM measuring framework analyses the extent to which the employees fulfilled their responsibilities.

    The Guru-Shishya Programme

      Loosely translated to teacher-student, our guru-shishya programme focuses on employees on the verge of retirement. We help them graduate to transfer skills and experiences to younger employees. Dhampur strengthened digital training with the objective to graduate employees towards enhanced  effectiveness. These video-based training modules have proved to be distinctive within India’s sugar industry and are certain to improve field force productivity.

    Sustainable To Create Energy

    Sugarcane is converted sustainably into cane juice and energy. From sugar, we develop sugar, molasse and bagasse that further help into creating a sustainable form of energy to enrich our by-products.