Chairman’s Message

“For the past 8 decades, Dhampur has been standing tall with the collective confidence of our people - our employees, stakeholders and vendors who have all been our inspiration, and protecting their trust will always be very important to us. Hard work, sincerity, commitment and above all discipline are essential components for holistic growth. These have helped us build long-standing relationships with all our stakeholders as well as our employees, many of whom have stayed with us for over two to three generations. As an organisation, deeply rooted in human values, we also take pride in watching the areas surrounding our production units slowly transform and flourish, as we attempt to make a difference to the communities living there. This people-first approach and empathetic perspective has helped us achieve inclusive growth. For us, this continues to be the true measure of our success, today and always. #legacyofdhampur.”

A.K. Goel,


    “As an organisation, we have always been fearless when it comes to decision making. Our blazing journey from one single manufacturing unit to a listed entity with business interests across multiple sectors is testament to that. And through the span of this journey, there are some attributes that have become synonymous with us as a brand. First, our resilience has been our core strength when it comes to tackling challenges and unforeseen situations. Second, our integrity which stems from our deeply-rooted values and has been our guiding light through the tides and ebbs we have experienced. Third, our passion to lead the way and constantly evolve, learn and grow across every area of our business - be it R&D, technology, branding distribution or supply. Perhaps that’s why at Dhampur we always say and believe that our story as a brand and business has only just begun.”

    Gaurav Goel,
    Managing Director (MD)

Our Management

There are 8 influential forces that have helped us achieve every milestone. Here’s looking at the team that gets us going forward.