Diversification to Downstream Chemicals

Our chemical business has diversified into manufacturing of ethyl acetate in addition to ethanol, rectified spirits, ENA, and special denatured spirit.

Our Overall Productivity Has Improved With Ethanol

We have been investing judiciously in ethanol fuel either through a timely sacrifice of sugar productions whenever the realisations were low; or through an expansion of 130 KLPD including 100 KLPD on grain that was commissioned at the start of the 2021-22 sugar season.

  1. To achieve the E20 goal, India will require to meet an ethanol production target of 1,014 crore liters by 2025.
  2. The Indian government has set a target of 20 per cent ethanol blending with petrol by 2025.
  3. Dhampur is investing in ethanol business to expand its capacity by over 50%
  • KLPD

    ethanol capacity, FY 2010-11

  • KLPD

    ethanol capacity, FY 2015-16

  • KLPD

    ethanol capacity, FY 2020-21

We are a Sugar-Derived Energy Organisation

With stable cane and sugar realisations, we have witnessed an improvement in ethanol production performance. Dhampur has gradually expanded from being a sugar company to an organisation that derives its energy from sugar.

  • 1.5X

    Growth in Capacity

  • 2X

    Growth in Volume (leveraging on feedstock mix)

We are amongst the most efficient suppliers of B-Heavy ethanol in Uttar Pradesh. We also take pride in manufacturing derivative products from sugarcane in India.


We are among the first Indian sugar companies to commence ethanol production in the 1990s.


Dhampur is proud to be one of the largest manufacturers of ethanol and sugarcane derivatives in the country.


We enjoy multi-year partnerships with oil marketing companies


Molasses are utilised in manufacturing ethanol. In FY 2020-21, our utilisation capacity reached 100%


Since 1933, we have diversified from being an organisation heavily dependent on sugar to creating other by-products that have helped improve overall functionality and development.


  1. We have specialised in creating ethyl acetate from sugar over the last 3 decades.
  2. We produce nearly 50,000 tonnes per annum.
  3. We meet the desired standards for supply to the pharmaceutical industries and ink and flexible packaging industries in India.
  4. We have been registered as a ‘Non EU-Manufacturer’ with REACH since 2013.
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  1. At Dhampur, we ventured into the country liquor space in 2014 with high quality CL spirits.
  2. This segment is backed by seasoned professionals with a capacity of 14000 cases per day, modern labelling machines, lab and stringent quality controls.
  3. We have 3 fully-equipped semi-automatic lines for bottling and an extra line for tetra packs as well. This has helped us build prominence in the Uttar Pradesh markets, with a high contribution to state exchequer.
  4. Additionally, we also have facilities for bottling under other brand tie-ups making our production available and accessible in all parts of the country.