Mishti by Dhampur

Add Mishti to your food, sweetness to your life!

By Hand

Mishti is made of fresh-from-farm cane making it the most superior quality of sugar to add to your everyday cooking.

Make Life

It's time to bring that sweetness to your cooking, and your life, with the goodness of Mishti.

Why Choose Mishti?

Established in 1933, Dhampur has a rich legacy when it comes to creating the finest quality sugar products in India.

Meets Highest Standards

Our sugar meets the strictest standards for sulphur content in white sugarasda.asdad

Free From Impurities

Unlike normal sugar, Dhampur Mishti shows minimal impurities when boiled in water to form a sweet syrup.

Packed In A World-Class Facility

Our premium sugar is packed in a hygienic, world-class packaging unit.

Untouched By Hand

Highest hygiene is maintained to ensure that your hands are the first to touch this sugar.