Sugar Industry

At The Heart Of India’s Sugar Industry

Since 1933, we have retained our position as one of the leading sugar manufacturers in the country. Our sugar manufacturing units and the farmers associated with it have always shared a symbiotic relationship to ensure high yield and high sucrose content sugarcane. Leveraging our continuous and pioneering efforts to increase sugarcane potential has helped us at Dhampur Group grow at a larger scale. 

  • Experience

    We have an experience of over 9 decades in manufacturing sugar.

  • Location

    Our manufacturing units are strategically located in cane-rich regions of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Logistics

    Our canes are derived within a close radius, giving us the advantage of lowering logistics costs.

  • Technology

    The implementation of cutting-edge technologies has enhanced productivity.

  • Pioneers

    We enhance the proportion of value-added sugar in the product mix to increase output.

Sugar Production Capacities

  • Dhampur


    of Cane Per Day

  • Rajpura


    of Cane Per Day

We take pride in making our best commodity easily accessible

The abundant cane availability has helped us reach a wider audience and offer them quality sugar products and services, at competitive prices. 

White Sugar & Branded Sugar

by Dhampur

We believe there is a touch of sweetness within each one of us. It's what makes us see beauty in every little moment, the joy in our everyday. It's time to bring that sweetness to your cooking, and your life, with the goodness of Mishti.

Established in 1933, Dhampur has a rich legacy when it comes to creating the finest quality sugar products in India. Mishti is made of fresh-from-farm sugarcane and remains untouched by hand, that’s why each packet of Mishti brings only the most superior quality sugar to your everyday cooking.

Add Mishti to your food, sweetness to your life.
Meethe Raho!